Маrk Kусhmа

Shaping emerging technologies

I am a partner at MAKTIG Venture Capital. For 15+ years, the company is investing in various technology projects, mainly related to the Internet businesses and online marketing. This portal powered by Name.ly platform, was one of them.

Currently looking for more engagement and traction in the field of biohacking, more specifically:

  • smart biomarker wearables and sensors
  • microbiome monitoring and management
  • [food] spectral analysis
  • brain and memory related neuroscience

On the charity vector, my heart leans towards the reforestation projects.

Please mind that you will be able to see my social profiles only if we both appear to be in the same network of people. In such a case, feel free to contact me through the professional network (IG is not one of those, as I check it very seldomly). N.B. I receive hundred of inquiries a day, please do persist if I do not respond immediately and you think it is important for the planet.

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